Dré Wapenaar 2005-2006

Dré Wapenaar

printed by:
Het Beeldgebouw, Rotterdam

edition per view / rendering: 5
- different sizes
- high-glossy-photo print
- comes on a layer of dubont.

This project has been made possible with financial support of:
The Centre for Visual Arts, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Thomas MeijerzuSlochtern:

" With the Souk for Dresden, an adaptation of a market designed earlier for Rotterdam and elaborated in a series of computer drawings, he has opted for an entirely different public area. In this virtual market the stalls are capriciously arranged. Their colourful, translucent covers cast a fairy-tale glow over the merchandize displayed and in the niches between stalls hiding places for the mystery appear. This alternative to the well-organized German market is Wapenaar’s interpretation of the motley mix of cultures in Rotterdam that he would also like to see in Dresden. In contrast to Dresden Rotterdam is a multicultural city with a young population that comprises more than 170 nationalities. Its wealth of cultural diversity means that Rotterdam is in constant contact with cities and people throughout the entire world.

The Souk for Dresden and the social sculpture of the Mass MoCa exemplify the mobile character of Dré Wapenaar’s work. We – the public – underway in a shifting world use the oases that the artist has offered us for a moment of recognition, reflection and meditation. Perhaps we have no choice and the nomadic existence, always underway, is determined by our genes.

The French philosopher Blaire Pascal already knew this: “man is nowhere; he has no place, no proportion or fixed dimension. Man must realize that his surroundings and what has been entrusted to him lie lost between two infinities, for example between the known and the unknown, the suitable and the unsuitable.”
Anyone underway like this occasionally needs a place where he is welcome, where hospitality rules, where he is acknowledged and recognized, where a fertile cultural climate can emerge and where he can recharge and proceed once more, invigorated, on his way.
Dré Wapenaar creates such places."

Studio GloriusVandeVen