Dré Wapenaar 2008.

Edition: 5


studio dré wapenaar

production canvas:
patty lintvelt

elmo vermijs and dré wapenaar

The Camptent fits in a series of works in which dré wapenaar is going back to his earlier works where the idea of geo-metric related forms and shapes are directing the movement of people. Combining this with the idea of the tent, where people are turning and twisting each other, the artist gives new possibilities to play and study. No heavy concepts, but fun designing , sculpting and building, with the production totally inside the atelier.

- This work is very much related with the Treetents , the Familytent, Winterbivouac and Showertent, but as said, with many earlier works as well."

In this series new works are coming up like the 8-Plane-Tent ( winter 08/09 ) and the Tent With a Panoramic View ( 09 ).

Studio GloriusVandeVen