Dré Wapenaar 2009
thanks to: Freehouse

• Production:
Studio Dré Wapenaar
• Structural Engineer :
Dré Wapenaar,
constructor Dick van Campenhout
• Steel Frame:
constructor Dick van Campenhout
• Wooden Tables: Peter Carels
• Computer Drawings:
Studio Dré Wapenaar
• size: 12 x 12 meters
• comes in it’s 20’ container

This project has been made possible with the financial support of:


The idea to create a "Souq for Rotterdam" has been in my mind for many years. The context for doing this, in a city where so many cultural diversities blend together, is so much there !

The building of one of the modules for the Souq has now been done!
It is the first place in an agglomaration where the relation between the group and the individual starts, where the private and the public join together.
The play that can be played is the one of the seller versus the buyer.

The project was finally made possible for " De Markt van Morgen " ( The Market of Tomorrow ) which was held at the Afrikaander-market on the south banc of rotterdam.
the famous "multi-cultural" market.
" De Markt van Morgen " is a project initiated by Freehouse and Kosmopolis.

Studio GloriusVandeVen